Traveller, photographer, philosopher, art connoisseur, trekking guru, and master trip planner, Sahastrarashmi (SR or Sahastra to his friends) is on a relentless quest for the story of life. An engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, he works in Chennai, India and lives (on weekends) in the former French enclave of Pondicherry (Puducherry to the officious). He is on a mission to introduce the uninitiated to the glory of the Himalaya.

Recent posts:

  • Encounter: The Sacred Grove at Oorani

    The sacred grove at Oorani is the last stand of Tropical Dry Evergreen Forests -- a postage stamp-sized green patch in the middle of insipid featureless coastal plain dotted with coconut plantations. It does not exactly draw your attention. That, however, would be a huge miss.

  • Encounter: Rhododendron, sentinel of the highlands

    Never mind its cough-syrupy taste, or its tongue-twister of a name, a Rhododendron in flower is inspiration enough to walk the Himalaya, or the Nilgiris

  • Manjhi Akshayavat, an immortal Banyan tree

    Located not far from Lucknow, the Manjhi Akshayavat, one of India's celebrated great banyans, is all that survives of the vast forest that once protected it.