An A-1 Nut Job, this. A bonnet macaque enjoys a coconut

Nut job – When a monkey steals a coconut

There’s no business like monkey business. And monkey business is show business.

I was lucky to have my camera at the ready when this little bonnet macaque chanced upon a coconut at a small temple nearby. Lord Hanuman had been appeased, no doubt, and his little emissary shinnied down from a tree trunk and whisked one half of a coconut away for a mid-morning snack.

The hemispherical coconut is one of nature’s riddles. Getting it cracked is usually the first obstacle. But with that problem solved, the next step was to get at the sweet white flesh in record time — before the other monkeys found out and exerted their pecking order rights to deprive this little bounty-hunter of its prize. Watch how the monkey, possessed by anxiety bordering on panic, glances around nervously as it scratches the white meat out of the coconut.

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