Arun MenonArun Menon

Arun Menon has been intrigued by nature and wildlife since childhood. His day job keeps him crunching numbers but weekends are for nature getaways. He lives in Bangalore and is an enthusiastic volunteer with the Kenneth Anderson Nature Society, named for the author and hunter (later conservationist) who is considered the Jim Corbett of southern India. Terrified of snakes since childhood, he overcame his fear and now handles them with impunity.

Arun also blogs at Idle Mind.

Recent posts:

  • Let the sleeping tiger lie – on meeting the big cat on foot

    What might happen when you chance upon a sleeping tiger in the heat of the forest? Especially when you are almost within kissing distance of it? Read on!

  • Three days in Corbett

    Three days in Corbett National Park and Arun Menon returns with a bushel full of lifers... and the sighting of his life leaves us burning bright - with envy!

  • Rancho La Brea – a time machine in asphalt

    The George C Page Museum of Tar Pit Discoveries in Rancho La Brea, Los Angeles, California features some stunningly well-preserved mammal fossils from the Pleistocene. It's a journey back in time but -- shudder! -- those Sabertooth canines are unnerving!