What is The Green Ogre?

The Green Ogre is a blog about nature, birding, wildlife and environment written by laypersons for laypersons. Our aim is to introduce the world as we discover it — species, experiences and places — to interested readers.

What’s with the name?

Yes, it’s obvious enough that Shrek inspired the name. But more than the character itself, it was his idiosyncrasies that we found poignant and compelling. We relate to his misanthropy, his philosophical grumbling about layers (“like onions”), and his stubborn refusal to forsake the swamp in which he lives. There’s no naturalist more fervent than an ogre, and no naturalist exists in whose mind the phrase real estate investment does not first bring to mind the vainglorious notion of buying a swamp.

Who writes here?

The Green Ogre began as Beej‘s solo project in 2006. Over time, it developed into a regular obsession. With the arrival of his Panasonic Lumix FZ28 in 2009, the diarist in him found all the more reason to bring the goings-on in the world — as he observed it — to the attention of his readers. Still, he felt that the project could use some perspective. In July 2010, The Green Ogre opened up its backyard to a gang of four. Friends, fellow-wanderers and fellow-wonderers Sahastrarashmi, Arun Menon, Sandeep Somasekharan and Anand Yegnaswami have since contributed to this blog regularly in rich measure.

 Who else writes here?

At our discretion, we invite bloggers to write for us. The list of guests now includes Jennifer Nandi, an intrepid traveller, naturalist and obsessive diarist who accords to the written word equal parts pithiness, ferocity and poignancy. She has contributed travelogues about the Sundarbans (on both sides of the political border) as well as the Andamans and Odisha (formerly known as Orissa).

Can I write for The Green Ogre?

Yes and no. Rather, no and yes. We can be annoyingly picky and moody, and may reject proposals without according a reason. But if we are moved by the quality, relevance and intent of your work, we may actually approach you with an offer to publish it here. Contact us for more information. We are never unresponsive, unless your intention is to plug a product or service. We don’t do that. Never.

Can I republish content from The Green Ogre?

We’d be delighted if you want to, but if you do so without our written permission you might hear from The Black Ogres — our lawyers. We loathe plagiarists.

If you have a sincere and serious request, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Note:  This FAQ is updated frequently. If there is a burning question that you do not find answered here, use the form to get in touch
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