Bijoy Venugopal

Beej, in some Indian languages, means ‘seed’. It’s a name his friends gave him for no fault or accomplishment.

Founder-editor of The Green Ogre, Beej began this blog as a solo writing project in 2006 while enduring being chained to a desk job. In April 2007, on a hike to Bedni Bugyal in the Garhwal Himalaya, a dim light that had always been glowing in his head flickered to incandescent brightness for a tick. Some may call it nirvana, others might call it kundalini. But Beej knew what it was — altitude sickness. The raison d’etre of this mortal coil suddenly came to light.

The rest in Beej’s words:

“I travel. I write. I write to be able to travel. And I travel to write. In the realm of photography, I am a diarist (I stick to my trusty Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ28 and have eternally cold feet about investing in an SLR). I rely on the trick of the light, unlike talented photographers who know how to trick the light into producing results.

I write this blog because I believe in the future of the earth, optimistically, despite the threats of climate change, environmental degradation, extinction of wildlife, dwindling water supplies, pollution, etc. Sometimes I wonder what there is to be optimistic about because, as a conservationist friend says, we are fighting a losing battle that we have to fight anyway (sort of like the Spartans in 300).”

Former editor of Yahoo! India’s travel site, Beej is a journalist, traveler, writer and cartoonist. Some of his work is archived at

Photo: Rajeev Rajagopal