A BR Hills weekend in pictures

Driving in the beautiful Biligirirangans can be equally exhausting and enchanting!

Drove with the family for the first time to my favourite forest in Karnataka last weekend. Wandered desperately for 40 km between Yelandur and Chamarajnagar looking for a fuel station because we forgot to top up at Mysore. We had a flat tyre outside the park gate on the way in, which delayed our lunch and made us all crabby. Blew up a freelancer’s fortune on the acco at Jungle Lodges, went on two safaris (uneventful but for a lung-aerating drive), paid our respects to the presiding deities at K Gudi and Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple, and returned to the city morose via the very picturesque Kanakapura Road. 

A view of the Valley on the climb towards K Gudi

A copse of lianas and vines on the road from K Gudi to BR Hills — one of my favourite stops in these forests

This young tusker was part of a small herd that we encountered on Saturday evening’s safari

There were large herds of spotted deer with impressive stags

The monsoon was about to set in and the Blue Tiger butterflies were either mud-puddling or swarming around certain plants in the forest

Text and photographs by Beej
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6 thoughts on “A BR Hills weekend in pictures

  1. Hello Prashanth! Nice to hear from you. And when did you go back to Belgium? Thought of you a lot on this trip — especially about those trips to the interior that you organised for us last time. That was my most memorable visit. I'm glad to say my wife loved BR Hills as much as I do. And that my daughter, all of two, loved the forest and learned to keep her cool on a safari. First times!

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