Celebrate June rains with this wallpaper

A Chipping Sparrow in the rain, for your June wallpaper
A Chipping Sparrow in the rain, for your June wallpaper

It’s become something of a cliche for the urban pluviophile to await rain in June. Thanks to erratic weather patterns, however, we see more spectacular rainfall in the summer showers of May than in the early monsoon months. And what if we are displaced, removed by migration, to another land where rainfall patterns are significantly different from those to which we are habituated? Do we then substitute the traditional motifs of the monsoon, the ritual harbingers of rain? Unimaginable, but out go the Asian Koel and the Jacobin Cuckoo.

Our resident ogre In North America, Sandeep Somasekharan pictured this Chipping Sparrow (Spizella passerina) foraging in the rain.

Another Green Ogre special calendar wallpaper that you can enjoy all June to track the days until the monsoon arrives in full force.

Download it for your desktop, laptop and iPad screens to keep rain close to your heart this June.

For desktops
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For laptops
[wpdm_package id=’6326′]

For iPad screens
[wpdm_package id=’6329′]


Birds love rain, rain loves birds


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