Test-driving the FZ28

Snapped these up with the new box on a walk in the park 

Calotropis gigantea
Calotropis gigantea – one of my favourite weeds, because there’s always much happening on its leaves and flowers
See – what did I tell you? This chap was sitting here waiting for brunch
Spider on milkweed
Closer crop. I need a macro lens for any more detail. Donors, listening?
Tulip Tree
‘Tis the season for Tulip Trees


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3 thoughts on “Test-driving the FZ28

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  2. Thanks, Amila! I've been drooling at the sharpness myself. I'm going to take the FZ28 for a spin in the Himalayas next month and I hope to bring back something nice. I think I'll follow in your footsteps after I've earned my stripes.

  3. These look pretty sharp, Beej.
    I like the colours I see. I got myself a FZ-18 in Dec, 2007 and used it heavily until I got my first dSLR in Sep, 2008 for macro work. Now I hardly use the panasonic.

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