The Green Ogre is four times stronger

Friends call me Beej. I started the Green Ogre in 2006 for the pleasure of writing about nature. Four years down, I felt its scope should extend to featuring talents more diverse than mine. On my 36th birthday in June, I extended an offer to three close friends and fellow-travellers to contribute to this blog. To my delight they agreed enthusiastically.

To wit, The Green Ogre has now become a group blog. Let me introduce our new contributors:

Arun Menon: Kid cousin, protégé and fellow birder with a newly acquired penchant for photography. He earns his keep at Ernst & Young but routinely plans weekend escapades with his friends at the Kenneth Anderson Nature Society. He has a sharp eye in the field and has besieged me with questions for all the time that I have known him. I’m afraid I don’t have all the answers anymore! 

Sandeep Somasekharan: Sandy to his friends, he is a crack shot in the field. As a birder, he is smitten with raptors. I have used his photographs in my Encounter series for a long time. Sandy works with Infosys in Mysore and I met him first on the company’s Green Team email group. He joined me on a trip to BR Hills and has since been in my inner circle of birding pals. 

Sahastrarashmi: Sahastra is the man who first opened my eyes to the possibility of the budget trek. Science buff, master trip-planner, history wiz, philosopher and a gifted photographer, he was introduced to me by a common friend. We have travelled together on some very fine trips to the Himalayas, Kutch and the forests of Karnataka. As campmates we get on famously because we both snore.

Thanks, gentlemen, for your support to The Green Ogre. Let’s party! 

– Beej

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